Trail Conditions


December 20, 2019

The 7000 Rd has been plowed, we have not yet been able to completely finish the parking lot but plans are to have it done tomorrow.  Lots of fresh snow and volunteers are doing their best to finish the parking lot plowing.   Groomer should be onsite this coming week! 

February 15, 2019

Trail was groomed and road was plowed yesterday afternoon, have a great long weekend everyone. Jake

February 7, 2019

Trail groomed, see everyone at the Fundraiser. Jake

January 25, 2019

Hey everyone, 
Was up grooming last night, not to much new on the trail but was snowing a bit when I left.
Bit of a hole on the horse trail where I turned around so watch going up, if everyone could knock the edges down I should be able to make it up further next time. Also went up the twin peaks trail a bit. Ride safe and have a great weekend, Jake

January 20, 2019

7000 Road graded, thank you Lindsay Macaloney and Clay Beharrell!

January 8, 2019

Road plowed and trail groomed. Brian

January 3, 2019

Road plowed, 1.5' of fresh and snowing hard, cleared parking lot and pushed back banks, groomed trail. Brian  & Tammy

December 30, 2018

Trail groomed, another foot of fresh snow at Rec. Site. Brian & Tammy

December 28, 2018

Trail groomed, 8" of fresh snow at Rec. Site. Brian & Tammy

December 22, 2018

Hey everyone, heading out to groom today so watch for me working on the trail. Have a great weekend, Jake

April 14, 2018

Trail was groomed lastnight, couple inches of new at the rec site. Jake

March 30, 2018

3.30.18 Update: 2' on the Horse Trail and 3' up top in the trees! Happy Easter! 🐣 Brian

March 23, 2018

Long spring days ✔ Sunny skies ✔ Freshly groomed trail ✔ thank you Brian Henderson 👍 trail groomed 3.23.18

March 16, 2018

Hey everyone, as far as the reports I’ve got through the week the trail was still in good shape so I didn’t groom tonight , ride safe everyone

March 9, 2018

Just in from grooming, 8-10” new at rec site, trail should be set up nice for the weekend. Jake

February 24, 2018

Trail was groomed last night to 7034 km, there was about a foot and a half more of fresh! 6000 Rd. is in okay condition, hopefully it gets graded again soon. Thank you to Brian Henderson for heading out, Jake Felce got the night off  Ride safe and have fun!
February 11, 2018

Hello All, just got back from grooming. Was a ton of new snow out there so tough goin but all smoothed out for anyone going up tomorrow. Brian and Tammy were out to cut some of the trees and limbs off the trail as well. Have a great family day everyone, Jake

January 20, 2018

Just coming in from grooming, around 3 to 4 inches of new snow at the rec site since last grooming & was snowing like crazy when I left. — Jake

January 13, 2018

Just an FYI to everyone, the 7000 rd is no longer plowed and will be groomed to the junction of the 6000 rd for the remainder of the winter unless someone else starts logging in there and plows the rd again, there is a good size pullout on the 6000 rd just before the junction. Jake

January 6, 2018

Hi everyone, was up grooming last night. Unfortunately it was raining most the time I was up there so really wet conditions and only a little new snow above the rec site level. Play safe. Jake

December 30, 2017

Hi everyone, went up grooming last night. Trails good and went up the horse trail to the turn around, was around 8” new at the rec site and snowing like crazy when I left. Have a great weekend and all the best for 2018, play safe Jake



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