Offline Riding Area Maps Now Available!


Here are two links for maps to use in conjuntion with Avenza Maps.  

To download the free mapping software search Avenza in the Play store or I tunes store


Click this link for access to an offline map in the Ortho version

For the smaller file/ topo version here is the mapping link


Recent News

The Road is Plowed!

A lot of hard work from our club members and directors has happened this fall.  An extensive amount of maintenance has went into the plow truck and the groomer to get them ready for the season.  

A Friendly heads  up there will be some light industrial traffic  up to 7012 km during the weekdays so please drive accordingly and use the road channel (RR1) if you have a radio.

Folks please help us keep the outhouse doors closed there is a shovel onsite if needed, thank you

If you or someone you know is interested in helping at this years MMRA Fundraiser please give Brian Henderson a call @ 250-395-0301 or Pierre Dion @ 250-395-4441.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

MMRA Fall Work Bee

The Fall work bee was a great success.   A big  thank you to all the folks that came to help.  A lot was accomplished, the road and horse trail access were brushed out.  The lower portion of twin peaks trail was brushed out,  fire wood was piled at the cabin,  and culverts were installed for better access in the early and late part of our season.   It was great to see all the volunteers on site and in the summer no less!

If you need further details please send us a message or call Brian Henderson @ 250-395-0301. Thank you!